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"Changing lives — one apartment home at a time"

The Palladium Group is a real estate company focusing on existing buildings and development investments. The Group invests for its own account and in partnership with private and institutional investors while providing Asset and Property Management services.
Its knowledge and experience allow a combination of efficiency and quality of life through a global approach to the real estate. The Palladium Group covers all facets of real estate, from urban and architectural design to the ownership, management and maintenance of single assets and portfolios.
The company started as a general contractor over a hundred years ago. In the nineteen twenties, the company evolved by beginning to assemble a real estate portfolio in Paris and starting a property management business to enhance and create additional synergies and value. Through the years, the Group specialized in residential and commercial sectors. Later, the company expanded its activities in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands.